The Importance of Buying Local

There is more to just “buying local” than meets the eye. Each and every Flooring America/Canada store is locally owned, which means that we rely on our customers to support our business, and it is with great pride that we are the place Where Friends Send Friends. We are your neighbors, the person you chat with in line at the grocery store on Sunday mornings. We’re the ones standing beside you on the sidelines at our grandchildren and children’s youth games, cheering together. We are your community, your friends, and the people you can trust when it comes to your floors.  

At a local store, such as ours, you will get better service, as we hire with a better understanding of the products we’re selling, and of your needs. Not only do we take the time to get to know you, our customers, but we enjoy hearing your wants and needs, working within your budget, and making sure you are happy with the products and services we provide you with.  

Flooring America/Canada is owned by people who live in your community, and not only that, we are invested in our community’s future. Come visit us today and see for yourself why we are the place Where Friends Send Friends. 

Throwing A Valentine’s Day Party for Your Loved Ones

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be starting your preparations to plan a Valentine’s Day party for either your children, or for your group of friends. Whichever party you decide to throw, there are endless themes and color schemes you can choose.

If you’re throwing a party for your children, think of including a table or an area of the room designated for Valentine’s Day crafts. Crafts can range from anything relating to making a note or gift for their parents, or a friendly gift to one of their friends.

Goodie bags are also a great idea, and choosing colors in red, pink and white will set the mood wonderfully. Along with goodie bags, having Valentine’s Day themed treats at the party will keep the kids happy and full. Fruit kabobs and veggie platters are great options, but heart shaped desserts will win their hearts.

If your idea of a Valentine’s Day party is for a group of your adult friends, you can choose to throw a party that spreads love, or if it’s for a group of your single friends, have fun with an anti-Valentine’s Day theme.

Decorating in pink, red, white and gold gives the party an elegant and romantic feel.  Make sure to use a combination of your colors with decorations and accent pieces, as it will bring the party together.

With any party, spills and stains are bound to happen, so make sure to reference our “Flooring Guide” to reference how to remove those nasty stains from your floors!